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‘Comedy Series Is All Relative For Sisters-In-Law’ by Kylie Ora Lobell
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Jewish Journal

“The most impressive comedic performance is turned in by Melissa Greenspan as Cici, the super-charged dynamo . . . To her credit, Greenspan also invests Cici with a deep-felt sense of compassion and understanding.”

“Greenspan brings ace timing and genuine feeling to two-faced CiCi”

“Perky, adorable Greenspan gets the biggest share of laughs”

“The diminutive Melissa Greenspan is infectiously lovable”

“Greenspan’s comic timing is impeccable … it is filled with little treasures”

“Everyone in this production is overshadowed by the diminutive Melissa Greenspan”

“In an extremely brief turn as Pepita, a dance hall girl in a sleazy bar, Melissa Greenspan, with her kewpie-doll voice and Keene-like eyes, all but steals this production out from under everyone”